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  • Hidrogarant
    Store of hydraulic and pneumatic seals
    Complete your hydraulic cylinder, with seals available in 24 hours, ready for assembly, seals of various sizes available on the website
  • Additional services
    We install, repair and maintain pumps and compressors
    Choose products at advantageous prices

Are you looking for a specific product? We will help you to find the right one.


to Hidrogarant!

Although hydraulic and pneumatic seals seem easy to select and apply, if you get the wrong model, size or design, you can damage the entire system. We will help you to make the right choice.

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Who we are

Hidrogarant. Hydraulic and pneumatic seals Internet shop

We make complicated things simple and easy. Hydraulic and pneumatic seals are those technical elements which being fixed correctly in a hydraulic system, prevent leaks, contamination of the system with dust, mud and other impurities. We specialize in:

  • Sales of hydraulic gaskets
  • Composite seals for rods and pistons
  • Repairs of the hydraulic cylinders
About us

Why Hidrogarant?

Because you deserve the best!
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Ways To Improve Your Short Game
Ways To Improve Your Short Game

Manufacturer prices

We deliver exactly to the indicated address the models you choose for systems of any complexity

We can also help you with the installation

Our customer’s testimonials

I am happy to work with Hidrogarant. I find everything I need here. Simple to order. They will always help with a piece of adviceur.


Every year we review the list of partners and every year Hidrogarant is at the top of the list. This is one of the most reliable companies I know

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